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We are an insurance brokerage company specialized in aviation, transport, yachting, companies in general. We offer our customers the certainty of quick and effective responses, seeking the most appropriate solutions and meeting the needs of the insured. We aim to start from a culture of Insurance Risk Management in the verification of risk factors; we support you as a partner in identifying insurance...
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We are able to offer our customers insurance solutions for all problems related to aviation, transport, yachting and companies in general. We are looking for the best people line from top management to retail conventions.
Our starting point is risk analysis for companies and people. We are always looking for the best quality/price solutions.
Our partners are the customers and we offer them the best technical solutions found both among Italian and foreign companies. The search for the best standards of safety and reliability (in what we propose) are our daily commitment.
Individuals and companies. Everything revolves around the plane: from its design to production, from its use through logistics to maintenance. Also the human factor, the pilot and his passengers, the manager and the technicians.
Hull policies that provide cover for navigation accidents, theft, sudden or accidental ingestion of an object in the aircraft, intentional violations, gross negligence of the pilot, with cover at absolute first risk. Compulsory aviation liability policies ex reg. EU 785/2004 and their updates. In addition, RC of aircraft production, maintenance and handling, management of helium or airfield, death injuries, permanent disability, temporary disability, reimbursement of medical expenses and permanent incapacity for air navigation. From the small private glider to the big airport.
Our interlocutors, big or small, will discover in Aviocons solutions really tailored to their needs. Professionalism and ductility, understanding of needs and search for solutions.
Covers for companies and individuals:
  • Damage to aircraft (damage, RC and seat accidents), single or fleet.
  • Accidents involving aircrew (pilots and technicians)
  • Loss of License for pilots and flight attendants
  • Personal Assistance
  • Insurance cover for companies
  • Products Liability
  • RC posthumous and maintainer
  • RC eli-, airfield-surface to the airport
  • RC airport operators
  • Dedicated property policies
  • Assistance
We also avail of the collaboration of the major Italian foreign experts for the evaluation and consultancy in leasing and legal protection of the interests of the customer.
Covers for the protection of the boat for pleasure sailing and commercial ships. We can provide customized coverage from yacht to all types of ships: cargo, dry cargo, Ro/Ro, oil tankers, fishing vessels and smaller vessels.
We are also operational in the area of insurance cover provided to shipyards during the construction of ships, including launch and pre-delivery tests at sea.
We rely on experienced and otherwise specialized experts, able to provide their services throughout the country and abroad. The strength of our products is however the service: Aviocons knows how to be really present, always, to ensure that the interlocutor receives an answer in a short time to solve and clarify its problems.
Main areas are:
  • Covers for pleasure boats
  • Roofing for shipbuilders (builder risks)
  • Marine Corps
Property: targeted and customizable covers for the protection of private, commercial and industrial properties. From the fire of the house to the medium and large industry, from private theft to theft in a warehouse of a department store, all-encompassing covers or excluding specific atmospheric or environmental events.
Direct and indirect damage to industrial production and service interruptions. We are able to provide a tailor-made product for specific and particular realities or already consolidated policies for purchasing groups or conventions.
Main areas are:
  • Fire cover direct and indirect damage
  • Fire Appointed Risks or All Risks
  • Theft

Liability: Insurance proposals for companies and individuals, for the protection of Civil Liability for damages to third parties. Products, professional risks, assets, and much more, we are looking for the best solution for our customers, even for covers that are not standardized, for the protection of risk in this area whose evolution is always constant and significant. Constant technical and professional updating in all areas, but greater in areas where developments are more frequent.
Main areas are:
  • Product Liability
  • RC pollution
  • Liability insurance
  • RC professional
Casualty: both for people and companies we are looking for the best insurance offers dedicated to the protection of pathological and accidental events to the person. All for health plans, accidents at work. Main areas:
  • Occupational and non-occupational accidents
  • Diseases

Technology: solutions for the construction, plant engineering and computer industry. Risks of the manufacturer, from the house, to the bridge, to the building, installation of the plant, real estate leasing for different types of buildings, instrumental leasing (machinery), machine failures (no fire) and electronic tools and software.
A highly specialized sector where we want to put our service values into practice in the most effective way with prepared insurance partners and quick responses.
Main areas:
  • CAR
  • Electronic
  • EAR
  • Leasing
  • Machine failures

Weather: risks developed in the Anglo-Saxon insurance world related to financial losses. This is to cover the risks associated with event cancellation, or more complex weather-related planning. We provide our experience in risk analysis and in the search for the best insurance solutions. The theme linked to promotional campaigns, tour operators and more. Ask us what we can do and we will do it.

Assistance: products related to personal assistance. In a redundant market of offers and solutions, with a partner of the highest level, we were able to concretely make available the essential. Not words or insurance cover forgotten in a drawer, but covers related to the real needs of life in the moment of need.
From carrier contractor, forwarder carrier to industrial contractor. The experience of Aviocons management follows you in choosing the best partner on the market for your needs.
Main areas:
  • Industrial turnover (industrial and commercial contract)
  • Carrier liability (carrier contracting and carrier forwarding agent)
  • On behalf of turnover or to applications (online certificates for carrier contract and carrier forwarder)
  • Certificates for spot trips
We are able to network the knowledge and relational skills of our operating members, who, after working with different roles in the insurance microcosm, have gained the necessary experience to start an ambitious business project.
  • Angelo Golzi has gained his experience in large and small insurance groups. He mainly performs a technical function and relationship with important Italian and European companies, identifying the best solutions for customers in the Marine & Aviation sector, within which it is an expert. He collaborates in the design of new product lines to safeguard the heritage.
  • Alberto Mariotti acted as an Agency account, gaining extensive cross-industry experience in all areas. As a branch manager of a media but structured brokerage company, it has acquired significant managerial skills, which puts it at the service of customers. Recognized expert in property and liability coverage for companies.

Aviocons is born from the combined disposition of these professionalities, a structure that does not offer the simple 'intermediation', but an integrated service of advising addressed to the individuation of the business risks and their transposition in insurance covers, with solid and qualified partners.
  • Companies
  • Legal consultancy firms
  • Experts
Every activity, from risk mapping (mapping) to insurance (insuring), is at the customer’s service, making Aviocons an Insurance Risks Management structure in outsourcing.
Security and reliability from the signing of the contract to the management of any accident. Thanks to its experience and independence, Aviocons is able to provide a relevant and unique service in all fields.
Our mission is to complete your facilities with our know-how in particular in the specialist branches and in the aviation sector, to find the best insurance solutions together. We are also a consulting firm that guarantees you a serious and loyal professional service based on absolute independence.
This is thanks to the knowledge of the dynamics that govern the global insurance and reinsurance market and the Italian insurance market. Availability, 360 degree customer service are our minimum targets. We want to create value in the soundness of the proposals and certainty in the answers.
We also provide insurance training in the core areas of our business. Thanks to the experience of our partners and the collaboration of the most important professional firms, we will lead you in a learning path tailored to every technical need.
The method will be that of confrontation, without professorial dissertations, with the ambition of being able to meet worlds not always synchronous: that of practice and that of theory.
We will try to make you understand the why and when of insurance, starting from this premise: an insurance contract is first necessary, not only when it is mandatory, but when it is felt such by those who subscribe it.
It (the insurance contract) is typical and to services in consideration, but a performance is possible and deferred (the claim); for this it is useful only if it guarantees, to the just price, the requirement of the customer.
This is all the more valid for the specialized sectors that Aviocons follows by its nature.
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The activity of insurance brokerage is regulated by the Private Insurance Code. The Code establishes the requirements that an intermediary company must adopt in terms of transparency, competence, professionalism and integrity.
From each of these principles derive concrete behaviors, which for our company are a path not to be left. We are very careful and respectful of the rules. In the interest of customers, the Insurance Code has introduced rules of a financial nature.
We collect premiums on a dedicated account that is unusable for operations other than the payment of premiums. It is the heritage of companies and customers who rely on us and serves to differentiate the management from the collection of prizes. The customer pays on the dedicated account, from the dedicated account the prizes are transferred to the company. To do this you need the authorization of the company. Authorization that we have.
The insurance broker is a professional figure who represents the customer in the negotiation in the conclusion and management of the insurance contract.

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